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Unfortunately due to the rise in demand, 'P labs are growing' more sophisticated, more mobile. They coat walls and carpets in noxious chemicals all over New Zealand, incurring a huge cost to home owners & poisoning the inhabitants to follow. Simply check the news and you will find a recent report on the frequent discovery or bust of a P lab, which leaves a devastated home owner in its wake.
Auckland home owners get meth screening done on a regular basis. The rest of New Zealand seems a little slow to catch on. Don't get caught out. Don't think your property has been lucky to dodge it or that your area is immune.

Updating Insurance Policys

I would encourage you to check your insurance policy. The remedial cost for a contaminated home can be horrific.
New policys are being introduced to encompass this.

Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes seem to be the new trend for meth manufacturing. Lovingly called 'Cook-a-bach'. They can book online for the privacy factor and set up in an inconspicuous situation with a degree of anonymity. Will you be able to sell your holiday home when the time comes?

What we do

The Indicative Test

The average home will include 6-8 testing sites/areas. Cost $200.00 within Taupo township. A small travel charge will be added to surrounding areas and the greater Bay of Plenty/Waikato.

Your can choose either an indicative Laboratory Swab of the whole house, which will be sent to Hills Laboratories for analysis. Or, if you have no suspicions, you just want 'peace of mind,' I can also offer a instant negative/positive test for each room. Both screening processes are a flat fee of $200 and no gst!

The instant tests will identify meth contamination down to the Ministry of Health guideline of 0.5 µg/100cm with a positive or negative result. The Lab Analysis will identify meth down to 0.2!

Once I have your results I will produce a report for your future reference.

The Detailed Test

Upon a positive result in the indicative test, a detailed report will need to be carried out. An individual swab of each room will be taken and sent to Hills Laboratories in Hamilton. This will obtain a clear picture of methamphetamine contamination throughout the property.
With these results a detailed assessment can begin.

Why Chem Alert?

The NZ Guidelines for the remediation of Clandestine Meth Lab Sites recommend using an independent screener and we, ONLY do screening. We have no conflict of interest because we are independent of any other company. Be wary of the large companies operating in the central plateau! Many do the testing and the clean up!

I am 15 years a local, well known throughout the community. I can provide a highly competitive rate. If you live in Taupo township. I can guarantee you a test within 24 hours and a report to you within in 24 hours of receiving your results!

About us

Chem Alert is locally owned and operated in Taupo. We provide home buyers with peace of mind, vendors with point of sale and comfort to renters.
The reassurance is priceless!

Chem Alert does not receive referrals or rebates from companies doing the remedial clean up. Beware! Of anyone who tests AND cleans...

We service Taupo, Turangi, National Park, Rotorua and Tokoroa.
Being small and local means our base charge is GST excluded giving us a competitive rate over the corporate companies while offering the same quality service. Give us a call. We may just be able to tend to your property today!

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Methamphetamine (P) is an attractive trade for dealers due to its ease of production and high profitability.
During the manufacture process, chemical comounds become airborne and settle out, depositing on to walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, curtains and anything else throughout the buildings interior.

According to the Ministry ofHealth, reminants of the cooking process at high levels can pose health hazards via inhalation or skin contact, either through the skin or hands to mouth and nose. Obviously babies and the elderly with their lower immunity are extremely vunerable. The exposure has been linked to organ failure, respiratory illness, cancer, neurological disorders and birth defects.

If a country as small as NZ has the criminal distribution network to move the hundreds of kilos of meth that regularly found, this would suggest our meth problem is alive and well. Research indicates that only about 10% of Clan Meth Labs are found by the Police. This means that 90% is undetected and may be left undetected for years.

The Alcohol and Drug Helpline says peak callers are reporting higher availability. The only data the helpline can provide is a 36% increase in calling over the past two years. Currently, Meth is the number two drug behind Alcohol. It has taken over from Cannabis.

However, Meth use in NZ is believed to be relatively low. Believed to be around 1% which equates to 30-40,000 people. Which of course is still a huge issue for the wider community.


If a landlord rents out a property that is contaminated, they are breaching their obligations under the RTA as well as the Building Act and the Health Act. If a property is properly notified, the title is usually added to the local council's clandestine laboratory register, and it's history appears on the LIM report and obviously the remaining stigma has a negative effect as far as property value is concerned.
Then of course comes the remedial work or 'decontamination' which is a whole separate headache for a homeowner.


Insurance companies are now placing a limit on their liability for loss or damage in connection with the manufacture, storage or distribution at properties, of any controlled drug as detailed in the misuse of drugs act.

Unfortunately meth is not going away anytime soon, like all things, education is key!

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